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We have sourced accommodation for our family

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 Application submitted to the Home Office! 

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January News

It's been almost 4 weeks since the family arrived. What a whirlwind it must be to them - what with navigating covid, Christmas, English weather, a new language, opening bank accounts, setting up English phone numbers, registering at school, jabs, shopping as well as the fun things like bowling, seeing Woking play football, Wintershall, exploring the local area. Whatever they have done its been met with enthusiasm and a zest for embracing this new culture that they are now a part of. All your donations both financially and practically, have been hugely appreciated by the family and everything is getting well used. English is the main focus for January, as well as settling into a new school for the youngest son.

November News 

We have fantastic news!  All the approvals have happened and we finally know who the family are that we are welcoming.  They will arrive early in December. They are a family of 4, the two boys are 24 & 15.  They've been waiting 7 years to be resettled with no option of going back to their homeland in Iran. We can't wait to meet them and help them learn English and integrate into the community.  We've heard they are excited too!!